B.I.L.Y 9

                                                            ROYAL CONQUERORS


Can your fashion STYLE choice change someone else life?

Inspired by all men with wisdom, and referenced as role models, some design dappled with delicate appliques of oversize letter “V”, taking us to life’s steps journey. From our dream, (the Vision), through the difficulty of life’s reality (the Valley) to life success (the Victory). Their men’s collection evoking the real heroes of our current and next generation. The “V” as a new symbol of wisdom. Vision. Valley. Victory. Our unique blend of fashion sense and common sense.

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B.I.L.Y 8

                                            A “Life – style – brand.”

More a beautiful movement than a mere luxury label “ Heritage1978″ is woven to inspire, stitched to empower and crafted to encourage love to one another. The innate roots of the bespoke designs hail from the Ivory Coast, were its alluring white sands and culturally rich organic way of life were enough to set Alain Fagnidi imagination on fire.

(Alain michel FAGNIDI ) An African Lifestyle Influencer/designer with a distinct vision of establishing an empowering lifestyle brand made from a visually stunning collection comprised of fashion, and unique accoutrements gracefully pieced together with the finest of materials and most skilled of hand

Its unique sortie is to establish a lifestyle brand collection specifically geared to not just entice the contemporary … the bohemian…. the chic…the sophisticated but all kinds of lovers of fashion, beauty and admirers of stunningly ornate artisan work

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bily 7

The Veil of the Communication : MASKCOM ( Mask communication )

The true essence of living involves much more than who we are, much more than who we want to become, It’s about our calling first. What we want to do … I believe your business, your image, your brand represents the ultimate lifestyle experience! As I feel that Taking part and become a significant factor in our yearly artistic influenced coach program; yours will stand and most importantly be represented with high regard within the carefully targeted demographic in attendance at our concept.
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bily 6

EMPOWERMENT & Meeting with Cote d’Ivoire former President Laurent GBAGBO

The quality of the connections we make both professionally and personally are a powerful source for success in life. There are so many small positive changes we can make that can really impact one’s daily life by sharing our life ‘s experience and knowledge. It’s a combination of networking, and personal development.
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bily 5


Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. I would like to welcome you to Fagnidi Heirloom’s Supportive Lifestyle Initiative. As part of FAGNIDI International group, FAGNIDI Heirloom specializes in everyday global living, style, influence, and lifestyle empowerment. Fagnidi Heirloom is an Atlanta based initiative that embraces its responsibility to the community. At Fagnidi, we inspire by teaching trend and sharing experience with the eminence of identity and quality of life. Our mission is to impact as many lives as possible with a touch of creative inspiration by incorporating the art of living through design and fashion.

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bily 4

Fashion Atelier & Empowerment



We are continually developing fashion atelier with life experience talk exchange, which help us to come together and build on these connections in our life style. Our empowerment fashion atelier bring together through any kind of sponsorship business owners, actors, athletes, education, products and people as a platform to promote a better living , a better people.

We expect several influential and celebrity names on the artistic industry front. Our most honorable guests, event staging personnel and support staff would benefit tremendously from your generosity in becoming one of our highly regarded partners.

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bily 3




our suggested valentine’s day gift package include our mesomorphic set of athletic underwear . Give yourself or someone you love THE GIFT OF STYLE. People who endorse quality style of living inspire this lifestyle gift’s ready-to-wear

Get 30% off the regular price for all pre orders of our LIVE TIMELESS collection before December 2018

For gift certificates orders, write us at fashionteam@fagnidi.com

Or Visit our website at www.alainfagnidi.com

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