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Harrington Hooded Bathrobe



Our suggested gift for this holiday , THE HARRINGTON BATHROBE come also as a package includes a Harrington bathrobe and a Harrington towel. Give yourself or someone you love THE GIFT OF STYLE. This lifestyle ready-to-wear gift is inspired by people who endorse a quality style of living. The luscious and snug Harrington Bathrobe makes your moments of relaxation special. Its large hood and front pockets make this garment comfortable and essential while the empire logo on the back celebrates the Maison’s sophistication. Not only is it an indispensable item for spending a weekend of well-being at the spa, but it is also perfect for taking a relaxing break after working out at the gym.

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Every since the notion of metrosexual caught on with the male mesomorph lifestyle, quality and hand craftsmanship grace the intimate parts of the human body with the Heritage Collection by Fagnidi. Brought to markets through various timeless concepts collections: LIVE, WORK, MEET AND PLAY, The MCMLXXVIII (1978) by fagnidi label’s symbol of empowerment, culture, love and wisdom pays homage to THE CONQUERORS.

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