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B.I.L.Y 8

                                            A “Life – style – brand.”

More a beautiful movement than a mere luxury label “ Heritage1978″ is woven to inspire, stitched to empower and crafted to encourage love to one another. The innate roots of the bespoke designs hail from the Ivory Coast, were its alluring white sands and culturally rich organic way of life were enough to set Alain Fagnidi imagination on fire.

(Alain michel FAGNIDI ) An African Lifestyle Influencer/designer with a distinct vision of establishing an empowering lifestyle brand made from a visually stunning collection comprised of fashion, and unique accoutrements gracefully pieced together with the finest of materials and most skilled of hand

Its unique sortie is to establish a lifestyle brand collection specifically geared to not just entice the contemporary … the bohemian…. the chic…the sophisticated but all kinds of lovers of fashion, beauty and admirers of stunningly ornate artisan work

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